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With over 40 years’ experience as specialists in political monitoring, Randall’s provides comprehensive coverage of Westminster, Whitehall, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh, Northern Ireland and Greater London Assemblies.

Randall’s Monitoring offers a wide range of services including:

Parliamentary monitoring : full coverage of all debates, questions, motions and select committee activities

Political monitoring :  full coverage of all party political news and policy developments

Stakeholder monitoring: tailored coverage of news, consultations and reports from literally thousands of key stakeholder organisations across all areas of public policy.

In addition, clients benefit from:

Unrivalled advice and research support from our experienced parliamentary monitoring team.

Our unique Touchbase political and parliamentary contact management system

Bespoke client websites which provide and online archive of all monitoring content

A more detailed summary of what we do can be found here.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact Chris Tuohy on:

Our Services

“The Randall’s service is outstanding – timely, relevant and very reliable, and complemented by a great willingness to go the extra mile in response to requests. For many years they have been an integral part of our team.”

Tom McLaughlan
Managing Director, European Government Relations

“The Team at Randall’s really are first class – this is monitoring with a difference and the difference is their people. The service is excellent.”

Seth Williams
Assistant Director, Head of Public Affairs

“Randall’s have provided an expert, professional, highly cost-effective and above all extremely customer-focused service.  They are fast, responsive and superbly well informed. I would not hesitate to recommend their services.”

Sarah Hanratty
Deputy Chief Executive & Head of Corporate Affairs

‘Randall’s is essential for me to perform my role; They provide me with an invaluable up-to-date, accurate and reliable service of intelligence and information on Westminster, the devolved parliaments and assemblies, as well as the wider public policy environment.’

Martin Casey
Director of Public Affairs & Communications UK & EU Public Affairs

“Randall’s speed of response and proactive, positive assistance means I have important news quickly and efficiently, often anticipated hours or days in advance to allow me to prepare my key stakeholders. Randall’s have made it their business to know my business and hence my needs, giving me the best service I could want”.

Rupert Cazalet
Head of Public Affairs