When designing the system, we worked with our clients to find out what they wanted from a contact management system and built our Touchbase service to match that specification. As a result, Touchbase goes beyond what other CMS services can do at the same time as being much simpler to use, as it integrates with your normal email client to send emails. Everything goes directly from you, and replies are direct to your inbox.

As well as offering full biographical and contact information for MPs, Peers, MSPs (Scotland), AMs (Wales), MLAs (Northern Ireland), AMs (Greater London Assembly) and UK MEPs, Touchbase enables clients to perform many tasks that are just not possible with other CMS systems. Some of the other key features are listed in the next column.

  • Send emails from your normal desktop email client
  • Add your own personal contacts to the system
  • Change/maintain and add notes against your own contacts
  • Build contact groups comprising parliamentarians and your own contacts
  • Build contact groups from speakers in specific debates
  • Use ready-made contact lists for committees, APGs, regional MPs, etc
  • Track and retrieve all emails sent through Touchbase or via your desktop client
  • Add notes to any contact and retrieve them with our History search
  • Edit previous contact history notes
  • Import emails from desktop email client

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, contact Chris Tuohy on chris@randallsmonitoring.co.uk.