With over 45 years’ experience as specialists in political monitoring, Randall’s provides comprehensive coverage of Westminster, Whitehall, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh, Northern Ireland and Greater London Assemblies.Randall’s Monitoring offers a wide range of services including:

Parliamentary monitoring : full coverage of all debates, questions, motions and select committee activities

Political monitoring :  full coverage of all party political news and policy developments

Stakeholder monitoring: tailored coverage of news, consultations and reports from literally thousands of key stakeholder organisations across all areas of public policy.

In addition, clients benefit from:

Unrivalled advice and research support from our experienced parliamentary monitoring team.

Our unique Touchbase political and parliamentary contact management system

Bespoke client websites which provide and online archive of all monitoring content

A more detailed summary of what we do can be found here.

To arrange a demonstration, please contact Bradley Rogers on:

In the @HouseofCommons today: one Statement from @kitmalthouse on the Police National Computer. There are no Urgent Questions.